Become a Team Member

We’re an all volunteer team, so if you love what TED/TEDx is all about, and believe you have what it takes to help us craft amazing events, contact us and tell us how you’d like to help!

To volunteer at this year’s event contact Michael Daszczuk at

Nominate a Speaker or Performer

The essence of TED/TEDx, “ideas worth spreading”, relies on finding speakers who have innovative ideas and are able to clearly convey their visions and experiences; captivating a live audience.

Beyond the talks, each TED/TEDx event features a range of magical performers who can pull the audience in new directions and open their eyes to unforeseen possibilities.

Speakers and performers have already been selected for 2017. If you would like to nominate someone for next year, please email:

Partner With Us

TEDxCardiffbytheSea is a not-for-profit event, which means we rely on the help of volunteers and sponsors to make it happen. If you would love to be involved with this year’s event, please contact Michael Daszczuk at